The Executive is the governing body of the XFA between General Membership meetings.  It consists of the President, the Vice-Presidents Internal and External, the Treasurer, the Secretary, four Chairs of Standing Committees (Negotiating, Grievance, Equity, Professional Affairs), the Health and Safety Officer and two Members at Large. It meets every two weeks during the academic year and reports to the membership at the General Membership meetings.

For a complete description of the duties of each office see the XFA bylaws.

President & XFA Rep. to Senate

Jesmen Mendoza
Term 2022/24

Extension 556630, j5mendoz@torontomu.ca

The President is the chief executive officer, chief administrator, and general spokesperson for the Association. Responsibilities include chairing all General Membership Meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee. They are responsible, in conjunction with the Executive, for the effective operation of the Association, and, with the treasurer, for the accounting of XFA funds. As spokesperson for the XFA, the president normally represents the XFA at CAUT and/or OCUFA, acts as liaison between the XFA and other unions or organizations at the university, and represents the XFA as a voting member of the Academic Council of the University. For a complete list of all duties and responsibilities of the present see the XFA bylaws 10.7.

Vice President Internal

Peter Danziger
Mathematics, FoS
Term 2021/23

Extension 557413, danziger@torontomu.ca

The Vice-President Internal chairs the Representatives’ Council and is responsible, among other duties, for calling meetings of the Council, preparing and circulating the Council’s agenda, and keeping a record of Council proceedings. The VP Internal also acts as a liaison between the XFA and other University organizations and between the XFA Executive and Members who represent the XFA on various University committees. For a complete list of all duties and responsibilities see the XFA bylaws 10.8.

Vice President External

Dave Mason
Computer Science, FoS
Term 2022/24

Extension 557061, dmason@torontomu.ca

The Vice-President External represents the XFA on various bodies external to the University, including the CAUT and/or the OCUFA. Where appropriate they monitor developments in the faculty associations of other universities and stay informed on legislative and regulatory developments at the provincial and national levels. They also bring to the attention of the Executive or other levels of the XFA appropriate requests for financial and other aid from other faculty associations. Ad hoc committees that address issues external to the University are chaired and recorded by the VP External. They report at least once a year, or by request, to the Representatives’ Council on matters external to the University. A complete description of all duties of the office can be found in the XFA Bylaws 10.9.

Health & Safety Officer

Habiba Bougherara
Mechanical and Industrial, FEAS
Term 2021/23

Extension 557092, habiba.bougherara@torontomu.ca


The Health and Safety Officer represents the Association on the Joint Occupational and Safety Committee and works with the Representatives’ Council on matters relating to the occupational health and safety of members.


Anthony Francescucci
Marketing, TRSM
Term 2022/24

Extension 556727, tfatreasurer@torontomu.ca

Anthony's photos1

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Association.


David Naranjit
Chemistry & Biology, FoS
Term 2021/23

Extension 556353, naranjit@torontomu.ca

The Secretary is the custodian of all books, papers, records, documents, contracts, and correspondence belonging to the XFA. Their duties include, but are not limited to, keeping an impartial account of all proceedings of membership and Executive meetings, seeing these proceedings are distributed to members in a timely fashion, answering and keeping record of correspondence on behalf of the XFA. The Secretary assumes primary editorial responsibility for communications with members as determined by the Executive. For a complete description of all the duties of the Secretary see XFA Bylaws 10.10.

Chair, Grievance

Corinne Hart
Nursing, FCS
Term 2022/23

Extension 556305, c4hart@torontomu.ca

The Grievance Chair oversees the handling and processing of all grievances and other related actions undertaken by the Association and/or its Members to enforce the Collective Agreement.

Chair, Bargaining

Ian Sakinofsky
HR & Organizational Organization, TRSM
Term 2022/24

Extension 557562, isakinof@torontomu.ca

This Chair is the Chief Negotiator for the Association

Chair, Equity Issues

Lila Pine
Term 2022/24

Extension 556848, lpine@torontomu.ca

The Chair of Equity Issues takes a leadership role in promoting the implementation of the guiding principles of the Equity Committee.

Chair, Professional Affairs

Rachel Berman
Term 2021/23

Extension 557695, rcberman@torontomu.ca


The Chair of Professional Affairs takes a leadership role in promoting creative and collegial exchange amongst Members and between Members and other professionals through such measures as determined by the Professional Affairs Committee.

Indigenous Faculty Representative


Members at Large

1. Alex Ferworn
Computer Science, FoS
Term 2021/23

Extension 556968, aferworn@torontomu.ca

2. Susan Silver
Social Work, FCS
Term 2022/24

Extension 556216, ssilver@torontomu.ca

One Member at Large attends, as an observer, all meetings of the Board of Governors. The other Member attends, as an observer, all meetings of the Senate of the University.